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Let me guess, you’ve been doing some spring cleaning and just realized that you need to replace your gutters? Gutter replacement is a good idea if your gutters are old or so saturated with debris that they are not able to be cleaned. Although this many sound like a complicated home improvement project to take on, most home owners with a little time and some dedication can take on gutter replacement themselves, with relative ease. Before you purchase gutters for your home from a home improvement store it is important to take the proper measurements. It is best to figure out exactly the length of the gutters that you will need as well as the number of downspouts and attachments. Once you have this information, go to a home improvement store and purchase the necessary pieces.


In order for the pieces to work properly, they do not have to be the most expensive but they must be durable and of high quality to last for many years. Before you start your gutter replacement project, it is important to gather all of the necessary tools that you will need. You will need a ladder to reach the roof and some tools to install the gutters, downspouts and brackets. For your safety, it is also best to have someone holding the ladder in a steady position when you are working. After you have purchased the necessary materials it is important to install the gutters to the fascia. The gutters should run along the length of the roof and have a spout at the end to release the water when it rains. The brackets should be attached to the gutters after every few feet or so.


After installing the gutters, it is important to check the fascia for damage. If you find that the boards are mouldy or in need of repair. It is best to purchase new ones before you go any farther. It doesn’t do any good to have brand new gutters on a weak foundation. Often the damage or rotting of the fascia is caused by faulty or clogged gutters and once you replace the gutters the rotting of the fascia will end. When installing the gutters it is important to make sure they are installed on a down slope. The water inside the gutters needs to run from the highest point to the lowest point of the roof to work properly. Before the gutters are installed you need to make sure that the gutters are cut to size. You can use a saw to cut them into pieces that fit your roof. Then proceed to install the brackets, end caps and downspouts. Then it is time to snap the gutters into place on the roof by tilting them upward. Another important thing to do is to water-proof your gutters. You can purchase a sealant to seal the gutters from excess water leaks or install an aluminium strip underneath. Before you finish the job, seal all of the cracks in the gutters and let it dry overnight.

As you can see, gutter replacement is something that you can do yourself. If you feel that you would rather have a professional do this, there are many excellent companies in your area who can help. Check out the following link, as they offer the best gutter cleaning Liverpool has to offer.