Choosing the Perfect Gutters

Do not underestimate the importance of your gutters and give them the respect they deserve. Collecting water as it runs down your roof and deflecting it away from your house protects your home from water damage. This could cost tens of thousands of pounds to repair and will cause major upheaval in your life. It is of the utmost importance that you select the guttering system that is best for your home and get it installed by a professional. You should not cut corners when installing guttering, as it will come back to haunt you down the line. In this article I will outline the most common materials for guttering which will allow you to make a more informed choice.

Plastic Vinyl Guttering
This type of guttering is the most popular, as it is cheap and easy to install. This material, although lightweight can be very robust and resistant to corrosion of any kind. This type of guttering is ideal for someone who plans to fit their own guttering system (something which I do not recommend) and does not require any specialist tools or skills. Even though this can be installed by basically anyway, do purchase a help book on how to carry out the work to the industry standards. Due to them being inexpensive and easy to work with, they will continue to be the gutter of choice for many people.

Bauxite Compound Guttering
This lightweight guttering is resistant to rust and wears better than vinyl guttering. This type of guttering is ideal for extreme weather climates where high and low temperatures are frequent. They are easy to install and readily available at most hardware stores across the UK. Due to aluminium being a very malleable material they are prone to denting and misshaping due to external pressure being placed upon them. Although they are more expensive than plastic guttering, they look better and generally last longer, so in my opinion they are well worth the investment.

Galvanized Steel Guttering
With galvanized steel guttering this piping is coated in zinc oxide to prevent the steel from being eroded or corroded by the elements. They are relatively cheap due to the high number of them on the market, so you should be able to get a bargain from your local hardware depot. They are less prone to external damage than the previous two examples, providing a more robust structure with which to direct water. The only drawback to this type of guttering is the zinc oxide coating will eventually disappear and the guttering will start to rust. They are really easy to paint and can give your home a breath taking rustic feel to it, especially on traditionally designed homes.

Wood Guttering
This is definitely not a typical material to construct your guttering system from nowadays but a hundred or so years ago this was the only material available to carry out this task. If you live in a log cabin and want an authentic finish to your home, then you should invest in some wood guttering. But be warned they can difficult to fit, are expensive and will require a lot of maintenance to keep them in working order.

There you have it, a full break down on the choices available to you when choosing guttering. Do not make a hasty decision on this, as you may well regret that choice in a few years time.


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