The Art of Cleaning Gutters

A lot of you out there are unsure of how exactly to clean gutters. It is a task that needs to be carried out but it is either forgotten about or in some cases ignored. In this article I will detail exactly how to clean your gutters, so you will not have to pay a professional to carry this work out for you. If you are interested in hiring a professional, why not hire the company that you will give you the best gutter cleaning Liverpool has to offer.

When cleaning gutters, the item you will need above all others is a ladder. You need to find a ladder that is suitable for the height you need and can be used without you having to stretch to reach the gutter. Each year there are many accidents involving ladders that lead to serious injury or in some cases fatalities and many of these were a result of not using the right sized ladder. When using an adjustable ladder, extend it to just below the gutter line, being careful to not rest the ladder against the gutter. The last step is to secure the ladder at the base, using suction plates or a concrete block. Safety should always be of paramount importance when working with a ladder.

Secondly, you must remove any sediment from the gutter, which will consist mostly of silt, twigs and moss. Use a gardening trowel to carry out this task but make sure you purchase one that is slender enough to fit inside the cavity. You should be able to crop the material from the top of the ladder to a bucket or basket below with great accuracy. This will save you having to hold a basket or bucket in your hand while you are carrying out the cleaning process. Make sure that the coast is clear and that everyone is standing well back when you are carrying this out, as the last thing you want is to injure someone.

Once you have carried out this task, you should separate the material from the gutter into biodegradable and non-biodegradable material. The latter can be disposed of in a standard council collection bin but the former should be added to a compost heap or placed in the appropriate garden waste bin. The separation process is very important, as you do not want non-biodegradable material making its way into your compost heap. This method is the most environmentally friendly way of disposing of the material, as it helps keep the nutrient material in the area where it came from.

If you have the finances you should invest in a suction vacuum especially designed to clean guttering and pipes. This should set you back about 500 pounds but it is well worth the money, as the entire process can be carried out with the minimal amount of fuss or risk to you. This vacuum can be used from the ground, so the danger or having to climb a steep ladder is removed. The vacuum pump can also be reversed to gush water into the guttering, washing out any residual sediment that has been left behind.

It is very important that you carry out this process at least once a year but you may be able to get away with just doing it every other year. Blocked piping can lead to serious water damage to your property, which may not be covered in your insurance, depending on the circumstances of the damage. If the insurance company can see it is a result of poor property maintenance, you will be unable to claim.

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