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Gutters may seem like an unimportant part of your home, but they protect your entire building from large scale damage. If you do not repair your gutters, they can leak causing water to seep into the basement or walls of your building, instead of draining away harmlessly. However, despite their benefits, many home owners under appreciate this important drainage item. They forget to carry out proper maintenance of them leading to wide spread damage of the house.

Therefore, if your gutters are in bad condition, they require periodic cleaning & maintenance to ensure that they are always in good condition. Nevertheless, despite your efforts to clean gutters in your home, they will still be prone to ‘wear and tear’ and you will be required to repair them from time to time. Even if you have no knowledge of gutter repair, you can do it yourself. However, it’s important to find out the extent of the damage before you decide to repair them.

Repairing Gutters

Gutters that require more than simple patching up may require complete replacement with new ones, especially those which are rusting or leaking. If this is the case, you need to hire services from professionals who have specialized in gutter repair. This can be more efficient since they have experience with roofing and subsidence, so they will have the necessary skills to handle any kind of damage to gutters. Therefore, you are assured that they have the expertise and the manpower to have the job done on time. However, there are several important factors which homeowners should consider before their gutters are repaired by a professional as illustrated below:

The cost of repair

The overall cost of repair should be your first consideration before you hire an expert. It is important first to ask for quotes from different companies before seeking services from a particular company. It is also important that quality should not come at the expense of cost. With this in mind, consider seeking services from a reputable company on the market, as by doing this you will be assured of high quality services. If you settle for cheap services, you might end up having to have your gutters repaired again in a short period of time which can be quite expensive in the long run.


Extent of damage

Damage usually varies and it is important to have an expert check the extent of damage before hiring someone to carry out a repair. Most reputable contractors offer consultations in order to help you find out the extent of damage to your gutters. This will enable them to know what kind of repair is required. Having new gutters and replacing the damaged one can be a very expensive process. It is important to consult the repair company in order to find out if there are other viable options.


Different areas have different weather conditions; hence, it is important first to determine the weather condition in your area before conducting repairs on your gutters. The weather conditions will determine how fast and efficient the contractor is when repairing the damage to your gutters. Therefore, it is important to schedule cleaning, repairs and maintenance during the dry season, since it can be difficult and expensive to have these done during the winter and rainy seasons.


Let me guess, you’ve been doing some spring cleaning and just realized that you need to replace your gutters? Gutter replacement is a good idea if your gutters are old or so saturated with debris that they are not able to be cleaned. Although this many sound like a complicated home improvement project to take on, most home owners with a little time and some dedication can take on gutter replacement themselves, with relative ease. Before you purchase gutters for your home from a home improvement store it is important to take the proper measurements. It is best to figure out exactly the length of the gutters that you will need as well as the number of downspouts and attachments. Once you have this information, go to a home improvement store and purchase the necessary pieces.


In order for the pieces to work properly, they do not have to be the most expensive but they must be durable and of high quality to last for many years. Before you start your gutter replacement project, it is important to gather all of the necessary tools that you will need. You will need a ladder to reach the roof and some tools to install the gutters, downspouts and brackets. For your safety, it is also best to have someone holding the ladder in a steady position when you are working. After you have purchased the necessary materials it is important to install the gutters to the fascia. The gutters should run along the length of the roof and have a spout at the end to release the water when it rains. The brackets should be attached to the gutters after every few feet or so.


After installing the gutters, it is important to check the fascia for damage. If you find that the boards are mouldy or in need of repair. It is best to purchase new ones before you go any farther. It doesn’t do any good to have brand new gutters on a weak foundation. Often the damage or rotting of the fascia is caused by faulty or clogged gutters and once you replace the gutters the rotting of the fascia will end. When installing the gutters it is important to make sure they are installed on a down slope. The water inside the gutters needs to run from the highest point to the lowest point of the roof to work properly. Before the gutters are installed you need to make sure that the gutters are cut to size. You can use a saw to cut them into pieces that fit your roof. Then proceed to install the brackets, end caps and downspouts. Then it is time to snap the gutters into place on the roof by tilting them upward. Another important thing to do is to water-proof your gutters. You can purchase a sealant to seal the gutters from excess water leaks or install an aluminium strip underneath. Before you finish the job, seal all of the cracks in the gutters and let it dry overnight.

As you can see, gutter replacement is something that you can do yourself. If you feel that you would rather have a professional do this, there are many excellent companies in your area who can help. Check out the following link, as they offer the best gutter cleaning Liverpool has to offer.


Your drainage gutters are an essential part of your homes protection against water damage. If your house did not have any guttering, your foundations and exterior walls would be compromised by mould and damp. There are many health problems associated with this kind of damp and the structural damage will also be substantial. Working out the volume of guttering required for your home is based on the roof size and the levels of rainfall in your area.

Step 1

Assess the watershed area of your roof and perform any necessary calculations. Make allowances for wind speed during heavy downpours as this will increase the rate at which water collects in the pipes.

Step 2

Calculate the rainfall rate for your area. Many online publications will contain tables where you can check this level for your district. It is important to get an accurate reading, as any other amount will be difficult to process.

Step 3

Make a decision on the guttering required to drain your roof. Perform a simple calculation by dividing the areas watershed amount by the rainfall rate. This will show you the maximum level your gutters can hold and still be able to efficiently draw the water away from the house. For every square inch of cross section 100 square foot of roof can be drained.

It is very important that these calculations are carried out to the letter, as even a small discrepancy in the calculations can lead to choosing the wrong guttering for your home. If you are unsure of what system you should deploy, please contact your local hardware store and a representative there will be able to help you.

The pipe used to convey the surface water collected from the roof to the drain at ground level. In most cases this pipe is run down the outside of the building; normally, no joining medium is used and the spigot simply enters the socket. If the rainwater pipe is run internally, the joints must be made watertight. As with eaves guttering, it is essential to allow for the expansion of the material — otherwise buckling or cracking of the pipes will result. For the sake of appearance, it is essential to ensure that the rainwater pipes are fixed perfectly vertical; for this, it is best to use a plumb bob. The rainwater pipe may terminate at the lower level in a rainwater shoe, discharging into a gully, or, preferably, may he run directly into a back inlet gully. The size of the rainwater pipe should be at least that of the gutter outlet, and where a pipe serves more than one gutter, it should be as large as the combined areas of both outlets.

Rainwater connections to discharge stacks

In some areas with a combined system of drainage, the local authority will permit the eaves and waste water discharge stacks to receive rainwater from roofs. Designing a system in this way can save on the cost of installing separate rainwater pipes. To avoid excessive air pressure fluctuations within the discharge stack, this method of rainwater disposal is not to be recommended for buildings storeys in height, or for the removal of rainwater from roof areas exceeding 4Om per stack. The main disadvantage of designing above ground drainage in this way is the problem of flooding if a blockage occurs in the discharge stack. The rainwater pipe should he connected to the stack via a branch connection; this ensures a free unrestricted flow of air through the ventilating pipe.

Do not underestimate the importance of your gutters and give them the respect they deserve. Collecting water as it runs down your roof and deflecting it away from your house protects your home from water damage. This could cost tens of thousands of pounds to repair and will cause major upheaval in your life. It is of the utmost importance that you select the guttering system that is best for your home and get it installed by a professional. You should not cut corners when installing guttering, as it will come back to haunt you down the line. In this article I will outline the most common materials for guttering which will allow you to make a more informed choice.

Plastic Vinyl Guttering
This type of guttering is the most popular, as it is cheap and easy to install. This material, although lightweight can be very robust and resistant to corrosion of any kind. This type of guttering is ideal for someone who plans to fit their own guttering system (something which I do not recommend) and does not require any specialist tools or skills. Even though this can be installed by basically anyway, do purchase a help book on how to carry out the work to the industry standards. Due to them being inexpensive and easy to work with, they will continue to be the gutter of choice for many people.

Bauxite Compound Guttering
This lightweight guttering is resistant to rust and wears better than vinyl guttering. This type of guttering is ideal for extreme weather climates where high and low temperatures are frequent. They are easy to install and readily available at most hardware stores across the UK. Due to aluminium being a very malleable material they are prone to denting and misshaping due to external pressure being placed upon them. Although they are more expensive than plastic guttering, they look better and generally last longer, so in my opinion they are well worth the investment.

Galvanized Steel Guttering
With galvanized steel guttering this piping is coated in zinc oxide to prevent the steel from being eroded or corroded by the elements. They are relatively cheap due to the high number of them on the market, so you should be able to get a bargain from your local hardware depot. They are less prone to external damage than the previous two examples, providing a more robust structure with which to direct water. The only drawback to this type of guttering is the zinc oxide coating will eventually disappear and the guttering will start to rust. They are really easy to paint and can give your home a breath taking rustic feel to it, especially on traditionally designed homes.

Wood Guttering
This is definitely not a typical material to construct your guttering system from nowadays but a hundred or so years ago this was the only material available to carry out this task. If you live in a log cabin and want an authentic finish to your home, then you should invest in some wood guttering. But be warned they can difficult to fit, are expensive and will require a lot of maintenance to keep them in working order.

There you have it, a full break down on the choices available to you when choosing guttering. Do not make a hasty decision on this, as you may well regret that choice in a few years time.

A lot of you out there are unsure of how exactly to clean gutters. It is a task that needs to be carried out but it is either forgotten about or in some cases ignored. In this article I will detail exactly how to clean your gutters, so you will not have to pay a professional to carry this work out for you. If you are interested in hiring a professional, why not hire the company that you will give you the best gutter cleaning Liverpool has to offer.

When cleaning gutters, the item you will need above all others is a ladder. You need to find a ladder that is suitable for the height you need and can be used without you having to stretch to reach the gutter. Each year there are many accidents involving ladders that lead to serious injury or in some cases fatalities and many of these were a result of not using the right sized ladder. When using an adjustable ladder, extend it to just below the gutter line, being careful to not rest the ladder against the gutter. The last step is to secure the ladder at the base, using suction plates or a concrete block. Safety should always be of paramount importance when working with a ladder.

Secondly, you must remove any sediment from the gutter, which will consist mostly of silt, twigs and moss. Use a gardening trowel to carry out this task but make sure you purchase one that is slender enough to fit inside the cavity. You should be able to crop the material from the top of the ladder to a bucket or basket below with great accuracy. This will save you having to hold a basket or bucket in your hand while you are carrying out the cleaning process. Make sure that the coast is clear and that everyone is standing well back when you are carrying this out, as the last thing you want is to injure someone.

Once you have carried out this task, you should separate the material from the gutter into biodegradable and non-biodegradable material. The latter can be disposed of in a standard council collection bin but the former should be added to a compost heap or placed in the appropriate garden waste bin. The separation process is very important, as you do not want non-biodegradable material making its way into your compost heap. This method is the most environmentally friendly way of disposing of the material, as it helps keep the nutrient material in the area where it came from.

If you have the finances you should invest in a suction vacuum especially designed to clean guttering and pipes. This should set you back about 500 pounds but it is well worth the money, as the entire process can be carried out with the minimal amount of fuss or risk to you. This vacuum can be used from the ground, so the danger or having to climb a steep ladder is removed. The vacuum pump can also be reversed to gush water into the guttering, washing out any residual sediment that has been left behind.

It is very important that you carry out this process at least once a year but you may be able to get away with just doing it every other year. Blocked piping can lead to serious water damage to your property, which may not be covered in your insurance, depending on the circumstances of the damage. If the insurance company can see it is a result of poor property maintenance, you will be unable to claim.